Тема: Increase the use rate of building diaphragm plates

Increase the use rate of building diaphragm plates

   In the construction industry, building film face plywood is very common, in the process of use, improper use, will not only have great influence on the whole project, itself also has a great influence, the influence of we need through the approach to improve the distribution of building film face plywood?To get more news about film faced plywood, you can visit boosterplywood.com official website.
1. Most of the building templates in the construction project are stacked in the open air, so it is a difficult problem to protect the wooden building templates from corrosion.And template paint has excellent anticorrosion property, due to the effect of isolation of the paint film can make architectural template from the concrete application of abrasion and corrosion of cement hydrates, can effectively improve the repeat utilization of building templates, so as to prolong the service life of building templates.

2. The surface of the template paint film is bright and plump, with good finish, and it can form porcelain glaze naturally to make up for the surface defects of the building template.

Three, templates, paint film thermal decomposition temperature of about 350 ℃, has good heat alkaline, very suitable for building templates to use environment.The main material of laminated plate is woodiness, if can use correctly deposit, achieve higher utilization rate.
    If we really want to improve the utilization rate of building diaphragm, it will not only increase the utilization rate of plate materials, but also greatly improve the development of China's timber.