Тема: Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock Review

Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock Review

Today we will make a detailed review of the Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock of DESi company, which is one of the first and most experienced companies in Euro Profile Cylinder compatible smart lock category and manufactures the world’s smallest smart locks.To get more news about smart door lock manufacturers, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

We made a review of the Desi Utopic R smart lock in the past so this will be the second review from DESi company. We were satisfied with Desi Utopic R Smart Lock in the past and so we have the same expectations from this smart lock as Desi Utopic OK Type A is unique by its design. Lets continue our detailed review for Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock.
Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock is unique with its design in the category of smart locks which are installed on the existing cylinders while your key is inside of the keyhole from inside.

As a general rule of smart locks of this type, if the cylinder on your door does not have emergency function, you can not use your key to unlock the door from outside when it is needed. For this reason, you must have a panic cylinder on your door to solve this problem. This means extra expense for you if you don’t have a cylinder with this function on your door.

In Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock that we are reviewing now, a brand new patent pending technology is used. You can unlock your door using your key whenever you want, regardless of whether the cylinder on your door has a panic function or not. Thanks to this special design, even if your cylinder is without panic function , it will act as if it has a panic function and therefore you get rid of extra expense to buy a cylinder with emergency function.

Desi Utopic OK Type A has a design of a classic knob with the dimensions of Diameter: 50 mm Length: 59 mm. It is built of high quality zamac material. Leds are moving in the direction of locking and unlocking which adds extra beauty to the design. There are 2 buttons on the top to help you lock or unlock the door by pressing the buttons. Charging port entrance located at the upside of these buttons.Desi claims their smart lock as small as an chicken’s egg size so we put this smart lock near to an egg and see if it is true or not. Below you can see the photo for comparison.

In our opinion, auto lock is the most efficient and absolutely indispensable feature in a smart lock. As a team, we all activated the auto lock feature at the smart locks that we use at our doors and have now fully automated the locking process by using the auto lock function. It is a very ideal solution for those who do not want to deal with locking their door or for people with a crowded family.

Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock offers 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds auto lock timer options. After unlocking, your door will be locked automatically when the time you selected passes. You can also choose the time period that you do not want the automatic lock to be activated. If you have an environment where your door will open and close very intensely during the day, you may not want your door to constantly lock and drain battery. For this reason, by specifying a certain time interval, you can disable automatic locking at those times. This is a really nice function.

We tested all the features mentioned and the door was locked each time after the specified time. In addition, automatic locking was disabled at the time interval where we do not want the auto locking to be active.