Тема: Fashion label Lacoste reveals it is replacing its iconic logo

Fashion label Lacoste reveals it is replacing its iconic logo

Lacoste just ditched it's iconic crocodile logo to help save 10 endangered species in a new limited edition collection of polo shirts.Get more news about lacoste polo shirts outlet,you can vist kictg.com!

In partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature the brand will be releasing one type of polo shirt with a logo of each endangered species on it and for each species the number of polos produced is the same number of animals left in the wild.

They signed on for a three year partnership with IUCN and there will be 1,775 polo shirts made in total in the entire limited edition line and for each $183 shirt sold, sales will be donated to the organization in an effort to help protect endangered species.The ten endangered animals taking over the crocodile with the amount of shirts being produced of each include the Javan Rhino - 67, Burmese Roofed Turtle - 40, California Condor - 231 and the Sumatran Tiger - 350.

While other species included in the collection are the Northern Sportive Lemur - 50, the Cao Vit Gibbon - 150, the Kakapo parrot - 157, the Saola - 250, the Anegada ground iguana - 450 and the Vaquita - 30.

By purchasing one of the plain white polos with a tiny green endangered animal in the left-hand corner you are helping in the fight for nature conservation.

The collection was first launched during the brand's runway show at Paris Fashion Week and is available for sale on the Lacoste French website. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the designer of the 85-year-old brand created something totally different for the fall women's and men's collections as he was inspired by a development project which saves over 50,000 trees.

The models headed down the runway in earthy looks like brown ponchos and camouflage jumpsuits with bee-keeper type hats.

Paris Fashion Week officially marked the start of the entire brand's conservation initiative while the limited edition polos launched the same day as the show. 

The crocodile logo is iconic and has been a staple of the brand since it was created and is found on almost every article of clothing. 

French advertising agency BETC created the line for Lacoste with the help of IUCN and while it's sad to see the crocodile give way, it's nice to see a brand making an effort and using their platform to do some good.