Тема: Hidrocor Avela vs Hidrocor Ochre

Hidrocor Avela vs Hidrocor Ochre

You’re looking for the perfect brown colored contact lens, and you already know that Hidrocor lenses are the most natural-looking lenses in the world, but now to pick the shade. Hidrocor Ochre and Hidrocor Avela are both beautifully natural brown colors, but trying to decide between the two can be tricky.To get more news about Hidrocor, you can visit beauon.com official website.

The end color result of these lenses will always depend on your natural eye color, but we have put together a few pointers on choosing between the two based on our customer's feedback.

On very dark eyes, Hidrocor Ochre can sometimes appear a slight bit grayer than Avela as it is a lighter color. If you’re after a slightly bolder look, then Ochre is the color for you.
If you have dark eyes and want to enhance them naturally, we recommend both the Hidrocor Avela and the Hidrocor Ochre Contact Lens.
The beautiful orangey, hazelnut color will blend beautifully well with your natural eye color.

Both colors in the Hidrocor collection doesn’t feature a limbal ring and therefore offer an extremely natural finish. In general, Ochre is lighter than Avela, while Avela offers more of a Hazlenut color. Both shades are perfect for dark eyes!