Тема: Colored contact lenses: Products, safety, and more

Colored contact lenses: Products, safety, and more

Contact lenses are a popular and convenient way for many people to correct their vision. Several online manufacturers offer vision correcting and non-correcting contact lenses.To get more news about COLORED CONTACT, you can visit beauon.com official website.

Approximately 45 millionTrusted Source people in the United States wear contact lenses. Many people wear them to correct their vision, and others select colored contact lenses to change the appearance of their eyes.

This article discusses colored contact lenses, what types are available to purchase, how safe they are, and why eyewear is important for vision health.By law, all contact lenses, including colored ones, require a prescriptionTrusted Source, whether they correct vision or not.

Manufacturers may call colored contact lenses cosmetic, theatrical, Halloween, circle, decorative, or costume lenses.Colored contact lenses may help correct a person’s vision or have a cosmetic purpose, changing the color of the eyes.

People may choose to purchase colored contact lenses with a natural look, opt for lenses with very bright, striking colors, or select lenses to suit different outfits and styles.Once a person has a prescription, they can purchase colored contacts from reputable online eyewear companies.

While it is possible to buy colored contact lenses from costume shops, beauty salons, drug stores, and other places that do not require a prescription, they are not legal and present a threat to eye health.

A 2019 study on teenagers in Texas who regularly wore colored contact lenses found that only 3.9%Trusted Source of respondents purchased their lenses from an eye doctor. Half of the respondents did not have a prescription for contact lenses.Transparent-tinted lenses: These uniform-colored lenses can change the color of the iris.
Computer-generated opaque contacts: Opaque lenses cover up an individual’s natural eye color. They are available in a single color or blended colors that can mimic natural iris colors. They feature different patterns, colors, and pupil sizes on the lens surface.
Hand-painted custom contacts: These lenses can closely match an individual’s natural eye color and help cover any injuries. These contact lenses tend to be more expensive to purchase.A person may want colored contact lenses for several reasons, including changing their eye color to suit their personal style or match an outfit or costume.

Colored contact lenses also have medical uses. People who have eye injuries or scarsTrusted Source, such as a ruptured iris or an irregular pupil, may use colored contact lenses.Some evidence shows that colored contact lenses can help people who have dyschromatopsia, or color blindness.