Тема: Those percentages, however, apparently do not carry over to NBA 2K21.

The info on NBA 2K Coins the way is very likely to cover current-generation consoles only (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC), so there still figures to be a complete rollout of attributes for next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X) closer to the release date for those systems.The full breakdown of the info will be added here when it is available.

NBA 2K21 patch notes are here, and the massive 26GB update address numerous bugs and glitches.Which bugs and glitches are not detailed at this time. The patch notes only detail generic information like firmness and user experience improvement.

NBA 2K21 started with a large number of bugs, such as the return of the notorious badge glitch. My Players sometimes don't appear, and there are many different animation glitches during games. The most egregious bug was for pre-order content and VC not looking in the match.

Players who spent additional cash for the Mamba Forever Edition still do no have their pre paid digital bonuses delivered. The same is true for VC which has been bought, and it appears this matter is due to server traffic.

As the patch notes aren't comprehensive, it is hard to know that bugs are fixed. You can still play single-player modes without the upgrade, but without the patch, your rosters won't upgrade and you will not be able to play with online.Future updates include hotfixes for shooting, which many players have found too hard or Buy NBA 2K21 MT unintuitive. We could expect another update coming soon with more tangible fixes.