Тема: E-commerce fruit and vegetable packaging machine 2020 hot sale product

E-commerce fruit and vegetable packaging machine 2020 hot sale product

Because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, e-commerce is becoming more and more important in life because of the inability to go out. Many people can buy what they want without leaving home. This year, vegetables, fruits, and meat can also be delivered to the door. Now, e-commerce fruits and vegetables are getting better and better, very convenient~Get more news about Fruit Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

The preservation of fruits and vegetables starts with the picking of fruits and vegetables. Product grading is based on the classification of different varieties of fruits and vegetables according to the size, weight and appearance of fruits and vegetables, so that the quality of the products can be distinguished and the basis for their commerciality and price can be provided. . The grade standard can not only meet the diverse needs of consumers, but also provide the basis for delivery for e-commerce enterprises, consumers, and producers, thereby solving the asymmetry in the quality information of fruits and vegetables among e-commerce enterprises, consumers, and producers. Prone to disputes.

After grading, the fruits and vegetables should be packed in a packaging process. On the basis of the optimization of the existing packaging of fruits and vegetables and the packaging that may be used on fruits and vegetables, a packaging method suitable for e-commerce is proposed to meet the needs of self-distribution, third-party logistics and brand Different requirements. Common packaging methods include bag packaging and tray packaging. After the fruits and vegetables are packaged, they can overcome the problems of insufficient packaging strength, high product breakage rate and increased packaging and distribution costs.

Following the cold chain transportation of fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegetables are kept fresh during the distribution process and home storage, which standardizes the freshness operation methods, maintains quality, and reduces the loss rate.

Foshan Xinkeli Machinery products optimize the packaging methods of fruits and vegetables and introduce packaging technologies suitable for e-commerce. KL-T600X and KL-450D two e-commerce premium fruit and vegetable packaging machines can realize automatic packaging for bulk vegetables and vegetables with trays, which can effectively solve E-commerce packaging strength to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables.